Service commitments

    • pre-sales services:

    Plant investment analysis windows (with plastic windows and doors processing equipment as an example)

    • the sale of services:

    Windows and doors factory to build the necessary equipment configuration
    Processing equipment for plastic door and window configuration
    Aluminum alloy doors and windows processing equipment configuration
    Insulating glass processing equipment configuration

    • after-sales service:

    Pledges are as follows: continue to provide customers with product advice, technical teaching and training is the development of a reliable support for Sigma.
    To help customers address a variety of special requirements and provide design and product is the bounden duty of Sigma.
    • free of charge to provide you with investment analysis;
    • free of charge to provide you with information related industries;
    • free of charge for your plant layout design, electric plant to help you install the guide path;
    • Free training for your staff;
    • installation and commissioning of equipment free of charge;
    • purchase of equipment for users, life-long maintenance, periodic maintenance;
    • key areas to provide 24-hour real-time services;
    • all windows and doors to the plant equipment to provide timely maintenance, repair services;
    • all windows and doors to the plant equipment to provide timely and efficient supply of spare parts.

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